DIY: Herb Planter

I was recently inspired to plant and grow my own herbs and veggies. I saw a photo online of a mason jar planter that is great for people with not too much space. It is super easy to make and you may already have a lot of these items laying around your house


– ply board (I already had this piece of wood at my house. If you want to fit more herbs buy a longer piece of wood)
– metal tape
– nails that are large enough to hold the metal tape in place
– mason jars
– acrylic paint
– painters tape
– paint brushes or paint sponges
– clear waterproof sealant
– plants or succulents
– soil

The Process:

1. First, take your painters tape and ply board and tape off a design.

2. Next paint the board with whatever colors you want. I ended up painting two coats.


image3. Here is what my board looked like after everything was painted.


4. Remove the painters tape before the paint dries so that your design is not ruined.

5. Next, with your clear sealant spray two even coats and let dry completely.



6. Now, space out your mason jars. I left about 12 inches between each jar for the herbs and veggies to grow

7. Once you have determined the spacing take the metal tape and cut enough off to hold the jar to the board and to be able to nail the tape to the board.

8. After you have attached the mason jars add soil and your plants and you are done!



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