Wedding Series: My Experience Buying My Wedding Dress Online

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In today’s post, I will discuss where I bought my wedding dress and my thoughts about purchasing my wedding dress online.

Ever since I watched the movie 27 dresses and saw the dress the sister wore:


This simple style caught my eye and once I got engaged I knew that was the dress I wanted to wear. After some research, I discovered this was an Amsale Reese wedding dress, which also retails for about $4000+ dollars. (pictured below) To me, a wedding is a one and done event. I didn’t see a huge point spending thousands of dollars on something I would only wear for probably 6 hours of my life. I did browse several pre-owned wedding websites but didn’t find anything that fit my budget.


I browsed Pinterest for hours saving dresses that could be hopefuls. I came across a website one day that looked promising:

For Her and For Him

For Her and For Him Facebook Page

This was the most legit overseas wedding dress website that I had come across. I felt it was even more safe because there were postings from people who had purchased dresses from them on their Facebook page and on their website. I was able to see quite a few dresses that this website had made. I know a lot of people don’t buy their wedding dress online because they want to be able to try on the style in person and also have that try on experience. I was able to go into a local dress shop in my area and try on some different styles of dresses to make sure I was SET on the style I ended up choosing. Another thing I was concerned about was the quality of buying overseas. I have read some horror stories but I was sure to do my research before ordering.

Here is the dress I found on their website that was almost identical:


I ended up being able to provide my exact measurements to avoid having to pay for alterations! The best part of getting my dress overseas and online was that my dress only cost $310!  It took about 3 months to get to me. When I received it, the measurements were exact. The only issue I had was the bust. They were a little too small and centered which was my fault. I gave them measurements that were just a little small.

Between the time I ordered my dress and received it, I found the below image and knew I wanted to get lace added to the bust.


The above image is also an Amsale dress wedding dress that looks similar to what I wanted. I found someone who could do alterations on Craigslist and took the dress and a few photos to her. I ended up getting to pick out my own lace and trim for my dress and she was able to adjust the cups on my wedding dress and add the lace. Here is what my dress looked like on my wedding day!






Overall, I would not trade my wedding dress experience for anything else! My dress felt even more special because I wore a style that I had been dreaming of for years, I got to add a custom touch to it and even got to pick out my own lace! The For Her and For Him customer service was awesome, they gave my shipping updates and answered my inquiries promptly as well.


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