Wedding Series: DIY Simple Ceremony Arch

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I didn’t really think about how I wanted to decorate our actual wedding ceremony area until a few days before the wedding! Our wedding venue had an arch that was up all the time. I did a little bit of Pinterest research (obviously) and found a look that I wanted and was very simple to pull together in just a few days.

Here is my inspiration photo:

Here is what you need to create a similar look:
– Tulle (more is better. I believe I bought 5 or 6 yards)
– Twine
– Galvanized vases (I lucked out and found mine at the thrift store!)
– River Rocks
– Flowers of your choice (I used hydrangeas from my tree!)

Here is what you need to do:
1. Wrap the tulle around the arch way, intertwining the tulle through the arch design to help hold it in place
2. Secure the tulle on either side of the arch with a little bit of twine. It helps if you tie the tulle to the arch
3. Fill the galvanized vases about 1/4-1/2 way full with the river rocks. It will help to elevate your flowers and also give them shape
4. Place the vases at the base of the arch. Keep in mind where you and your groom will be standing. We had the vases placed slightly on the outside of the arch so you could maybe see the vases on either side of us.

Here is what the arch way ended up looking like! It wasn’t over done and really fit in with the look of the venue!




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