Wedding Series: The Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Welcome to day 9 of my wedding series! If you missed any of my previous posts, you can find them here:

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Bachelorette parties….you only have them once, right?! Well… I knew when I got engaged that I wanted to go all out..and by all out I mean a trip to Las Vegas! I have been going to Vegas pretty consistently since I turned 21. If you know me than you know Vegas is my spot!

Two of my bridesmaids (one my MOH) took on the task of wrangling 10 girls together for my last single hurrah. My two requests were: stay in a hotel I have never stayed in before and to go to a pool party. After that, I didn’t hear much about the trip. They were really good at keeping secrets. I even tried to bribe a few girls!

Well, I ended up having the time of my life thanks to 10 of my great friends. Here are a few of my suggestions to make your bachelorette or a friend’s bachelorette party unforgettable!

Arrive at your hotel in style:
– I was half expecting this first surprise. The girls ended up treating me to a limo ride to our hotel! It was a great way to start off the trip!

Keep the hotel a secret from the bride:
– I may have mentioned once..or twice to my friends how much I wanted to stay at MGM Grand. I have never stayed there and from my research they had an amazing pool area! The girls definitely kept the hotel a secret from me. They were so secretive they forgot to tell the limo driver which MGM hotel…we ended up staying at the MGM Signature one block off the strip! The girls really out did themselves for me. My friend ended up getting two rooms that had a foyer that could be closed to basically create a huge suite. We had a kitchenette, 3 bathrooms and enough beds to comfortable sleep 10 girls! If you are going with a bunch of girls this is definitely the way to go. It keeps all the girls together.

MGM Grand Signature 2 Bedroom Suite










Give the bride a list of challenges to complete:
– This was another unexpected challenge given to me by one of my bridesmaids. The morning we landed, she gave me a list of 10 items that I had to complete by the end of the weekend. The cutest part of the list was the fact that she tied in something new, something borrowed, something blue, something old.


1. I say I completed this task, my friend does not.
2. We ended up going on the new Lync High Roller! Such a cool experience

3. I was successful. The first person I asked gave me a weird look and said no
4. I didn’t buy anything
5. This was the funniest one. We did it at the pool party. I was walking around with my phone on selfie mode. My friend and I ended up finding someone sitting down. We ran up on either side of him, snapped the picture and walked away before he realized what was going on.

6. We had this happen right outside Hard Rock Cafe on the strip. I don’t think I danced but more laughed at the whole situation.

7. Someone ordered this for me before I could yell for it!
8. We did a cartwheel while on the Lync High Roller
9. We did this at the pool party
10. I agreed with my friend that we would do this while walking the lazy river at the MGM Grand. I found a Jon, she didn’t.

Go to a pool party

This was another item that I had never experienced and wanted to at my bachelorette party! The girls were amazing and got us hooked up at the Marquee Day Club. We even got free drinks for the first few hours we were there. We found a corner at the pool that we could all hang out at. We also ended up making a few friends (including an inflatable penguin)

IMG_0580 image IMAG2385 IMAG2389

Work with a promoter

I cant stress that enough! The promoter my friend worked with ended up getting us into Marquee Day Club pool, into XS, and into Tryst for free with some free drinks added into that!


See some Vegas sites

Being in Vegas isn’t always about partying 24/7. There is soo much to see in Vegas itself. We didn’t have too many plans for what we wanted to do during the day but we ended up going on the Lync High Roller and exploring the newly renovated area by the Flamingo Hotel. We spent some time relaxing at the MGM pool.


I wrote a blog post about a year ago about all the things to do in Las Vegas. You can check that out HERE


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