Wedding Series: DIY Wood Burned Frames

Welcome to Day 7 of my Wedding Series! If you missed any of my previous posts you can check them out here:

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Personalized wood burned frames can look great and just be that extra special touch. I came across several pins that showed personalized wood burned frames and I love how they looked! My husband and I decided to use a wood burning kit and make our own. We ended up burning 4 frames. One for each of our parents, one to be placed on a table as decor at the wedding, and one for my grandparents.

Here is what you need:
– Wood Burning Kit (Here is a good one)
– Pencil
– Wood Frames (I found all of mine with several trips to the thrift store)

Here is what you do:
– It is pretty simple, start by cleaning your frames with a damp cloth
– Start by selecting the wood burning tool tip that you want to work with (Do not heat up your tool until you have the correct tip on)
– Heat up your wood burning tool
– Pencil on what you would like to burn into the wood
– After your wood burning tool has heated up, begin working on going over your pencil marks with the wood burning tool. You might have to go over it a few times at first to get the burn look you want


– Continue burning your words and/or designs – this part takes the longest

Here is what one of our wood burned frames looked like! I love them!



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