Wedding Series: DIY Plaster Photo and Sign Holders

It’s day 5 of my wedding series! If you missed any of my previous posts, you can find them here:

Day 1 – Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box
Day 2 – How to Style Your Bridesmaids on a Budget
Day 3 – DIY Coffee Filter Flowers
Day 4 – DIY Plaster Tea Candle Guest Favors

In today’s post, I will talk about how I made my sign and photo holders that were scattered all over my venue! These were a fun and easy project to make and are similar to how I made my tea candle votives.


Here is what you need to make these sign holders:
– Jewelry Wire Cutter
– Rounded Nose Pliers
– Jewelry Wire
– Plaster of Paris
– Acrylic Paint of Your Choosing
– Paint Brush
– Large Silicone Ice Mold

Here is what you need to do:
1. First start by making the wire hearts that will sit in the plaster and hold your photos or signs. Start with about 12 inches of wire. (Follow this link for step by step instructions on shaping the heart). Instead of forming the ring, create a smaller heart and then bend the wire and shape a slightly larger heart around the outside of the smaller heart.
2. Once you have made enough of these hearts, mix up your plaster according to the directions on the box in a disposable container. Only make as much as can be used in about 15 minutes.
3. Pour the plaster in the ice mold trays about halfway or more depending on how thick you want your base to be.

4. Wait about 5-10 minutes until the plaster starts to set and carefully put the wire hearts in the center of each base.
5. Wait another 30 minutes until plaster has fully dried
6. Wipe them off with a damp cloth
7. Paint whatever color you would like, and you are done!


Here is what my sign holders looked like at my wedding:




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