Wedding Series: DIY Plaster Tea Candle Guest Favors

It’s day 4 of my wedding series! If you missed any of my previous posts, you can find them here:

Day 1 – Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box
Day 2 – How to Style Your Bridesmaids on a Budget
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In today’s post I will show you how I made, packaged, and also used these favors as guest name card holders for each place setting for the reception tables. These were fun and easy to make and were not that expensive!

This is my inspiration for making these votives:


Here is what you need:
 - 2 Large silicone ice cube trays (You can find them here)
 - Plaster of Paris - 1 box makes about 50-60 votive holders (You can find it here)
 - Tea Light candles - Scented or Unscented (You can find them here)
 - Acrylic paint in the colors of your choice
 - Paint brush


Here is what you need to do:
1. Begin by separating the aluminum holder from the candle (you will add the tea light after the plaster has dried around the aluminum candle holder)
2. Next, mix the plaster with the water according to the directions on the box. Only make as much as you can use in about 10 minutes, it dries pretty quick. I would also suggest mixing it in something you can throw away like a plastic cup.
3. After you have mixed the plaster, begin pouring the mixture into the silicone molds about half way
4. After you have poured the plaster in each silicone square, take the aluminum candle shells and center them in each square. The plaster may not be hard enough to push the aluminum into but every few minutes, use the back of a pen to gently press the aluminum into the plaster.

5. Once you are able to push the aluminum so that it stays in the plaster and the top is flush with the top of the plaster, let it dry for about 30 minutes
6. Remove the plaster votives from the molds and with a damp cloth, wipe down the votives to remove any loose plaster and so it is easier to paint the votives.
7. Go ahead and paint your votives with whatever acrylic paint and designs you want
8. Once the paint dries you can add the tea light candles back to their aluminum holders.
9. Repeat the process until you are done!

Here is what my tea light votive guest favors looked like!

Here is what you need to display them like I did at my wedding:
 - 2x2x2 guest favor boxes (You can find them here)
 - Twine
 - Paper packing worms (You can find them here)
 - Mini Clothespins (You can find them here)
 - Cardstock cut down to business card size
 - Sharpie to write guest names


Here is how you prepare them:
1. Add a small bunch of packing worms to the bottom of the favor box
2. Add your votive on top
3. Wrap the box in twine
4. With a guest name card, use a mini clothespin and attach the name card to the twine!

Here is how they looked at my wedding!



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