Wedding Series: DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

It’s day 3 of my wedding series! If you missed any of my previous posts, you can find them here:

Day 1 – Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box
Day 2 – How to Style Your Bridesmaids on a Budget

Today I will show you how I made all the centerpiece flowers for my tables. Flowers were an area I really wanted to save money in. I had saved several paper style flowers to my Pinterest boards but there weren’t really any easy to make styles. I knew I would have to make over 120 flowers and didn’t want it to take more than 3 minutes per flower! I ended up only spending about $5 to make these flowers!

Here is the breakdown on what I spent for all flowers at my wedding:
– Centerpieces – $5
– Bouquets, aisle hangers, and ceremony archway – Coral Roses ($16 for 2 dozen at Costco), Baby’s Breath ($25 for 6 bunches at Fred Meyer BOGO 50% off!), White Hydrangeas (Free from the trees in my yard!), Dusty Miller (about $10 for the plants, I grew them in my garden)

Total about $50!!

Here is what you need:
– White Coffee Filters (3 per flower)
– White or off white masking tape
– Green Floral Tape
– Bamboo Skewers
– Scissors



Here is what you need to do:
1. First, take three coffee filters, still stacked on top of each other, and cut straight across the coffee filters until you reach the other side where the coffee filter ruffles (don’t cut all the way across!)

2. Take a bamboo skewer and masking tape. Rip off a piece of masking tape that is about 12 inches long.

3. With the sticky side up, start scrunching the coffee filter to the masking tape, making sure that there is still half the sticky part of the masking tape showing so it will stick to the skewer when you wrap it.

4. Scrunch all 3 coffee filters onto the masking tape.

5. After they are all stuck to the masking tape, begin wrapping the masking tape with the coffee filters to the bamboo skewer.

6. Work your way down so that there are overlapping layers of the masking tape and it helps to adhere to the skewer better.

7. Now, fluff out the coffee filters until you are happy.

8. Start wrapping the green floral tape around the skewer, covering the masking tape and work your way to the bottom of the stem

9. Now you are done with your first flower!

– Once you get used to making them, it won’t take to make! I ended up leaving the skewer long until I decided what size jar each flower would go in. I cut the skewer to fit the jar better.

20140107_190355_Android 20140405_181611_Android

If you would like to go one step further and have colored flowers, follow these steps:

Here is what you need:
– Spray Bottle
– Acrylic paint in the color you want your flowers
– Water
– Cardboard box


Here is what you need to do:
1. Set your cardboard box on its side. You will be using this box to catch the spray of the acrylic paint.

2. Mix some water and the acrylic paint in the spray bottle.

3. Holding a flower in the box, begin spraying the flower until you have the look and opacity that you want for your flower.

4. Let dry and fluff the flower out until it looks the way you want!

I ended up making half coral flowers and half white! Here is how they looked at my wedding.






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