Wedding Series: How to Style Your Bridesmaids on a Budget

It is Day 2 of my 14 day wedding series! In this post I will show everything that my bridesmaids wore down to their hairstyle!

Day 1 – Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box

Picking out the bridesmaids outfits for my wedding was one of my favorite parts. I wanted to keep the whole outfit as affordable as possible for my bridesmaids because lets be real…as much as you say “OMG, you can totally wear this dress again,” I don’t know many girls that ACTUALLY have.

The Dresses

I initially wanted the girls to wear bridesmaid skirts, but the skirt that I liked ended up being more expensive than some dresses. Here are some inspiration photos that were on my Bridal Party Pinterest board:

bridesmaid dresses

After gathering input from my bridesmaids, I decided to stick with the color coral and do so a shorter style to fit with my summer wedding.

Even though I knew I wanted the girls to order their dresses online to save money, I still wanted to have the experience of going and trying on bridesmaid dresses in a shop. We ended up trying on some of the styles you see above. Our favorite style ended up being a flowered, one shoulder style that was knee length. The style flattered each girl’s figure.

I ended up browsing Etsy and saved several sellers that had promising prices (I wanted to stay away from China based sellers because I didn’t want to risk my bridesmaid’s money). I ended up finding a Canadian based seller with super reasonable prices and discounts for multiple dress orders!

The dress shop name is Aya Bridal

They have a range of dresses and a bunch of fabric colors. I was advised by the shop owner to order the dresses together so the fabric color used will be the same and have no variations. It was a little difficult choosing the coral color I wanted simply because I was afraid the swatches I was looking at online would vary in person. I ended up going with a more orange-based coral and was so happy I did.

dress colors

Here are examples of photos the shop sent over to me: Swatch #26 is more pink, swatch #116 is pink coral and swatch #125 is more orange.


I placed an order for this exact dress and color. The total after the 10% discount for ordering all 4 dress at the same time came to $306 which was an amazing deal!

Here is how the dresses looked when I received them in the mail as well as on the girls!


UQ5A5760 UQ5A5796

Honorable website mention – NY and Company Eva Mendes Bridesmaid Collection

The Shoes

The shoes were the easy part. My absolute favorite, most comfortable pair of heels are a pair of Payless Dexter wedges. A bonus, they are navy blue which goes with my color scheme as well as works for my “something blue.” I had had these shoes for several years and checked online to see they had the same ones still! My bridesmaids ended up getting them the day they went on clearance and with a bonus coupon they got their shoes for less than $15 and they are shoes they can wear again!

Here are some styles that are similar:

– Option 1

Option 2

The Jewelry

I knew for this category I didn’t want the girls to have to buy anything. I ended up making their earrings and bracelet which I will feature in a wedding post over the next 2 weeks!

The Hair

I had a general idea of the type of hair style I wanted for the girls. I wanted their hair to be pulled back but at the same time, be an easy hairstyle for them to create on their own to help keep costs down.

These were the 4 choices I let the girls decide on. In the end we decided on doing the hairstyles below!


I hope this post helps you decide how to style your bridesmaids on a budget!


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