Wedding Series: Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box

Welcome to the first post in my 14 day wedding series! I am super excited to show and tell you about everything that went into the event that was my wedding!

I had the goal of trying to DIY as many of the items as I could and to save money in as many areas as I could.

If you are close to me outside of this blog than you know I was that girl that started planning her wedding before even being proposed to! I had several secret Pinterest boards full of ideas. It was surprisingly easy for me to decide the theme, colors and style of my wedding so the rest came naturally.

Theme: DIY rustic
Colors: Mint, Coral, Navy

After I got engaged, the first thing I wanted to do was find a cute and fun way to ask a few of my closest friends to be bridesmaids in my wedding! I had a few ideas in mind. Here is what I came up with:

The packaging:
 - 1 box per girl (I used 4 old Birchboxes)
 - Acrylic paint
 - Ribbon (I used a color from my wedding theme)
 - A pen to write a message in the box lid
 - Letter stamps
 - Stamp ink


– I first painted the Birchbox using the acrylic mint paint. It look a few coats to cover the “Birchbox logo.”
– Next, I used the letter stamps and stamped in Navy each girls name in the upper left corner.
– In the bottom right corner I stamped “Will You Be My”
– On the inside of the box I wrote out either “Bridesmaid” or “Maid of Honor”

Gifts for the box:
 - 1 tiny wine
 - Nail polish in your theme color
 - A few "inspirational" photos
 - Paint swatches in your theme colors
 - Photos with you and your bridesmaid


– Use tissue paper or paper worms to line the bottom of the box. Add in all the items to your box until you are happy with the way they fit.
-Use the ribbon to tie around the outside of the box!

Here is an example of how one box turned out!




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