FOOD: Udon Noodle Soup

About 4 years ago when I was visiting friends in Eugene, Oregon, my friend made me a quick lunch using Udon Noodles, bak choy and a few other ingredients I don’t remember.

Ever since then I will be reminded of that dish and how tasty and quick it was to make. The other night my husband and I were shopping and I came across the packets of Udon Noodles for $1.20 each. They are about the size of Top Ramen packets but are cooked and refrigerated.

From there, I added a few more food items to the soup and came up with this:

My husband LOVED it, even saying he could eat this every day!

– 2 packages of Udon Noodles
– Sesame Oil
– Handful of Bak Choy
– Mushrooms
– Hardboiled Eggs
– Shrimp
– Bamboo Chutes (optional)
– Sriracha (optional)

1. Start boiling several cups of water in a large pot.
2. Wash and chop a handful of bok choy
3. Wash and cut a bunch of mushrooms
4. Add a little sesame oil
5. Add the bok choy and mushrooms to the boiling water
6. After several minutes add the two packages of udon noodles to the water
7. The noodles only need to cook for several minutes
8. After the noodles, bok choy and mushrooms have cooked, add the spice packets to the water to add flavor.
9. Dish the soup into bowls
10. Chop the hardboiled eggs and add to the top of the soup along with the shrimp and bamboo chutes. Top the soup with sriracha and serve!


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