DIY jewelry hanger

If you are the kind of person who is organized but sometimes your current state of organization doesn’t always make sense, then this DIY may be just up your alley. I am a pretty organized person. I like for my things to have a place. I have a lot of jewelry, mainly statement necklaces, and all my jewelry was located in several different places around my makeup corner. I have been keeping my eye out for a jewelry holder that doesn’t take up too much room and would hold and display my bracelets, hanging earrings and necklaces so I would use items I didn’t normally.

I came across this! A simple, hanging organizer that would solve all of my problems!

Here are the items you need to make this hanging jewelry organizer:
– scissors
– washi tape
– paracord
– D-Ring
– 3 Wood Dowels (Different thickness)
– Sharpie – color of your choice


The first thing you want to do is color the ends of your dowels


Then, wrap washi tape around the ends of the dowels. I found that I needed to wrap the dowels more after I started working with the cord.


Next, fold the cord in half. With the D-Ring, pull the two loose string ends on one side of the ring through the looped part of the cord to the other side of the ring so that you create the top hanging part of your jewelry hanger.


Now, take the rest of your string and start tying the string to each dowel. It might take a few tries of tying the strong to the dowel to get each one pretty level. The space you leave between each dowel will depend on what you plan to hang on each level. I planned to hang earrings and bracelets on the top 2 and necklaces on the bottom.


This is what it should look like before anything is hung. If you have extra string after you have tied all the dowels go ahead and cut it off.


Annnndd this is what the finished product WITH jewelry looks like! I didn’t realize how much I love this simple organizer! It displays everything so nice and I have found myself using more of the jewelry I hadn’t before!



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