Birchblogger Book Review: Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Every Day Lives

I recently was chosen by Birchbox and Birchbloggers to review this book.

The book is called Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Every Day Lives by Gretchen Rubin.

better than before

I started reading this book at just the right time in my life. In my day to day work life I have a very set schedule I like to follow but in my personal life I tend to waver in the habits I have or don’t have. Take this blog for instance. I used to post all the time and had the motivation to do so. I faltered for about nine months in 2014 when I was getting married. All of my wedding projects were DIY so I almost had no excuse to not blog them in my DIY-esque blog.

In partnership with this book, I have a friend who has really been inquiring about my blog and about what my goals are with this blog. The answer: I want to share my interests with everyone. The problem? I have SO MANY interests. There is no set direction with my blog. The last six months all of my posts have been beauty related. I miss the balance of posts my blog used to have and would like to get back to it.

After reading this book it has really given me some good insight as to the type of person I am and why I do and think the way I do.  Gretchen breaks the book down an investigates why a person is from all different angles.

The Four Tendencies
Upholders – Respond readily to both outer expectations and inner expectations
– Questioners – Question all expectations, and will meet an expectation only if they believe it’s justified
– Obligers – Respond readily to outer expectations but struggle to meet inner expectations
– Rebels – Resist all expectations, outer and inner alike

When I read this I found myself between the upholders and obligers. When I have a deadline or request to meet I am very much an upholder. It is when it comes to my inner expectations. I have a lot of goals and things that I get done in a good amount of time but at the same time a lot of items I want to dedicate my time to I struggle to do.

Am I a Lark or an Owl?
Overall I lean toward the Lark side. I go to sleep and wake early (mainly due to work)
Am I a Marathoner, A Sprinter, or a Procrastinator?
I am a sprinter. I like to get a lot of work done at once and feel very accomplished. I also like to get this work done all at once so I can be ready for anything else that may come up.

There are so many aspects that Gretchen touches on in this book. Another big one for me is scheduling. I have become the type of person that if it ends up on my calendar it happens! I like to plan my time out and if I make a commitment I keep it.

I really enjoyed the fact that Gretchen included many examples of her own life and the people in it. She is a very scheduled, upholder that tends to always stick to a plan. I found myself relating to a lot of the examples that she gave and almost felt relief when something that related to myself was touched on and explained further!

What I have taken out of this book in relation to how I would like to blog would be:
– Create a schedule for planned blog posts
– By having items on the calendar I will be forced to become a full upholder – also meeting my own inner expectations
– I need to plan my time when I write. Since I am a sprinter I need to block out a few hours of time to get a bunch of posts written and scheduled.

Overall I am very exited to have this book to reference! Purchase the book here!


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