Review: Groovebook App

About 6 months ago I was watching the show: Shark Tank.  This business pitched the idea to print and ship photos straight from your smartphone.

Once I saw the whole idea and the cost – I was sold! You get 100 prints from your smartphone per month that are printed into a 4 x 6 perforated booklet that is sent to you with a different cover every month!

If you don’t have 100 photos to print every month just upload as many as you have and Groovebook will print duplicates from what you selected until there are 100 to print.

The cost? $2.99 per month!!! Total – including shipping. That is the cheapest way to print 4×6’s!!!

I now have received 7 photo books and have taken some out of the books for use at work, at home and in my wedding!

If you would like to use Groovebook here are the links to download it on your Android or iPhone:

AND, if you would like to try it out for free for your first month use the code GUNDERSON61


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