Makeup corner tour!

I have always been into makeup and beauty – I remember checking cosmetology text books out from the library and actually studying and answering the questions at the end of each chapter. I don’t know why I never pursued my makeup interests, but after I started working my first desk job over a year ago, I discovered the beauty community on YouTube. I couldn’t get enough of the product review videos and began to feel more comfortable getting out of my makeup comfort zone which consisted of eyeliner, brown eyeshadow (not blended might I add), some eyebrow product, mascara and all my face makeup. This whole process (including hair) would take me 2 hours in the morning. This desk job required me to wake up at 4:45 am and suddenly I found myself wanting to cut down my makeup time to as little as possible. I had always been self conscious with how I looked without eyeshadow simply because I had grown so used to how I looked with it on.

I have always had a decent collection of makeup but it has been confined to my half of the bathroom vanity. I wanted to have a space where I could have all my makeup out on display and be able to use different items instead of sticking to the same thing every day. After I got married, I told my husband that I really wanted a makeup corner. I had Pinterest ideas with all white furniture and specific pieces from Ikea. He wasn’t as excited about me purchasing new furniture items when I had some I could work with, so I compromised and this is what I came up with! It is still a work in progress to figure out a good layout but here is what I have currently.


This is what the whole corner looks like

This room is our office so this used to be my office desk but it ended up being more of a junk gatherer than anything.


This is what the desk area looks like

The desk: I have had this desk for forever. I believe I purchased it at either Target or Dania. You can find a similar desk HERE

The mirror is a product of watching several YouTube videos and building from there. The mirror is from Fred Meyer (but obviously different color than linked) and the light bars are from the bathroom lighting section in Lowes. We also bought a power cable with a switch on it and basically connected all the wires behind it. I also have it propped against the wall because I like the look of it.


I had to condense my nail polish to fit in this box. As you can see, that didn’t work too well and I have received a few more since I transitioned my polish to this box.


In the desk drawer I have an old egg carton that I store all my rings in


On my desk I tried to do some simple decorations and that includes this vase from Ikea with some fake flowers I was supposed to use in a craft project, some wood rounds from my wedding and a candle


This is a closer view of what my mirror looks like


Under my mirror I keep all the main face products that I use. The two small pots hold my liquid foundation. These are sample containers from Sephora and I use them so I don’t have to squirt foundation on the back of my hand every day!


On the other side of my desk I have my cotton pads, Ikea candle holders used for all my makeup, and my straightener


Above my makeup brushes is a DIY piece I made from Darby Smart which provides you with all the necessary items to make a project. This was a project to make a wire jewelry holder that looks like a moose on the wall. I love it for displaying all my bracelets and holding my headbands


These pictures were quickly printed off the internet by searching through Pinterest. The frames are ones we had laying around the house.


The cabinet that is next to my desk Is also something I have had for years. It is part of Target’s old California closet collection.

The very top is holding extra candles and jars

The shelf below that is holding my large palettes to the right including my new Tarte Blush palette, and Lorac 1 and 2 palettes.

I also have an acrylic holder that holds all my face primers and mini sample products

The earring holder is also a quick DIY I made a few months ago using just the frame from the picture frame and hot gluing some fabric to the back.


The three drawers on the left hold my eyeliners, mascaras, eyebrow products, and smaller eyeshadows

The Dollar Store jar holds all my lip pencils, the very back is all of my extra foundation, concealers and cheek products and the Daiso tray holds all of my perfumes


There is a drawer in the middle that holds all of my Ipsy bags…how embarrassing (I think there are 12 there so far – Christmas gifts anyone?)


Below the drawer is the start of the shoe shelf part of the system. The two left acrylics are $5 lipstick holders from Amazon. These came from China so they took a little longer to get to me which is why they were so affordable.

The lipgloss holder is new! And thank god I got it. I also got it from Amazon for about $18. It holds all my lipglosses so that they aren’t moving around or flopped to one side like when they were in my lipstick holders.

I also have these holders sitting on all my makeup books from when my obsession first began.


The first holder contains one of my Birchboxes which as my extra chapstick in it.

Below that are two Ikea holders that have my smaller eyeshadow palettes and false eyelashes


The middle section holds my necklaces

Below that is all my nail items – files, decals, etc

The last side – which I forgot to take a photo of has my hair items and lotions and below it are back up items 🙂



One day I hope that my makeup corner will look like this:






Over time I will probably transition my stuff to something like that 🙂


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