Sargento Influenster Box

If you have never heard of Influenster, it is a free website where you take quizzes that help the website determine how influential you are on social media. If you rank high enough when Influenster creates product boxes, you take a final quiz that can qualify you for the FREE box. In exchange, Influenster wants you to review and post on your social media sites about the products.


Randomly, I was selected for their Sargento cheese box. Yes, cheese. I didn’t know what they could include for a cheese box, but I ended up receiving a coupon for free sliced cheese and a neoprene (wetsuit material) insulated lunch box! I was actually super excited that I got this!

I had never had Sargento cheese before. I usually stick to the store generic brands because it’s cheaper, but there wasn’t a huge price difference with Sargento. I picked the ultra thin mild cheddar slices and they are probably the best tasting cheese I have had in awhile!!!!



The lunch bag…. I use that every day!



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