IPSY for the month of March

Sorry for posting this so late. I forgot to update my credit card so the bag shipped a little later than I thought.

March’s Ipsy featured an artist’s designs on the bag. The bag also feels like oil cloth and plastic. Overall, the design is very different and it is growing on me.


Ipsy usually ships 5-6 deluxe to full size items but this month’s bag only contained 4 items. Here is what I received:

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in ‘Get Ready’ – Full Size $18.00

I received a deluxe trial size ($7.00). I love this color! It is a mauve-pink color  that is great for every day when you don’t want to get too bold with your lip color. The formula doesn’t feel drying on the lips. I look forward to wearing this more often.



NYX Love in Rio Eye Shadow in ‘No Tan Lines Allowed’ – Full Size $6.00

I received the full size product and haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. I received the trio with a light matte taupe color, a shimmer brown-gray color and a matte brown color. I am excited to try it out this weekend!


Chella Indigo Blue Eyeliner – Full Size $18.00

I received the full size product. I actually received this broken! This was the product I was most excited to try so I was a little disappointed. I immediately e-mailed Ipsy Care and got a response within 10 minutes that told me they had re-issued me a replacement! No questions asked! I am looking forward to receiving this again soon!

Update: I received it about a week later and LOVE it! It adds a little pop of color and stays all day with no smudging.




Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer – Full Size $22.00

I received a deluxe trial size ($9.00). I tried this on a morning I was in a hurry and didn’t notice a difference in my foundation application. I plan to try it out again this weekend. There is a sheen to the primer and it is flesh toned. It is meant to give your face a glow, almost as if you have an all over highlighter! There is no scent which is an added bonus.



Total Value: $37.00


3 thoughts on “IPSY for the month of March

  1. fitnesshealthandeverythingelse says:

    You inspired me to sign up for Ipsy! Hope I’m off the wait list by May so I can receive my goodie bag! In dire need of a new makeup bag….. embarrassing fact: I use the free ‘Nuva Ring’ bag I got like 5 years ago from planned parenthood.

    So obvious too, says Nuva Ring all over it! “Hey guys! Guess what BC I used?!”…. embarrassed 😛


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