Revisiting: Paint Chip Art

A few nights ago I was on Pinterest and came across paint chip art! Super easy and super inexpensive. I have been in need of some color in my home for summer time and decided to raid my local hardware store! I came home with a few more paint chips than I was expecting. I decided on a chevron patterned piece.

What you will need:
*paint chips (whatever color theme you want)
*picture frame
*piece of paper to glue your chips and that will fit in your frame (I used the generic cheesy picture paper that came in my frame!)


The process:

1. On the back side of your first chip, create a chevron. I would suggest one short chevron and one longer chevron. Cut those out and use as your stencil to trace on the back of your other chips. Depending on the size of your frame you will want to cut quite a few chevrons out. (this part was the most tedious part and I had to take an hour in a few days to compete it)


2. Once you have all your pieces cut, arrange them in a color pattern you would like.


3. Now arrange your chips on your paper in whatever way you would like. This will help you to know if you need to cut more chips and will allow you to rearrange them.


4. Now the other tedious part of this project was glueing each piece. It took me a few tries to get them lined up and straight with pretty even space between each row. I would also recommend having some chips hang off the end so it looks continuous.

5. Once you have glued them all, flip over your piece and trim the chips that are hanging off the end.


6. Now place in your frame and you are finished!



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