Revisiting: DIY hair bow

When I first really starting browsing Pinterest on a regular basis, I came across this picture and wanted to replicate it.


I was instantly inspired to wear this same hairstyle..problem was, I didn’t have a bow to wear and last time I had looked in stores I couldn’t find one. So, I decided to take my searches to Pinterest and see how easy it was to make one. Lemme tell you, it’s SUPER easy! After I got off work, I headed to Joann Fabrics for some supplies.

What you will need to make a hair bow:
-7X9″ fabric (or any other size depending on the size of your bow. The size I use in the tutorial is 4.5X9″)
-Hot glue gun (I got a pink mini one for only $2.99 and a 10 pack of glue for $2.50)
-A long strip of fabric – enough to be glued in half
-A hair clip

The first thing you want to do is measure your fabric out if you got a lot more fabric at the store than you thought. Like I mentioned earlier, the dimensions of the fabric for the bow I am making is 4.5X9″


Next, put a strip of glue along the length of your fabric, leaving about 1/2″ on each end. Fold over and press firmly. I love hot glue because it sets almost instantly!


Now both sides should be glued. Now you want to glue the width just like you did with the length. It should look like this:


You will now fold your fabric and glue around the halfway point.

step 4

And finally do the same to the otherside so your last fold is slightly overlapping your first fold


Your bow will now begin to take shape and can get a little trickier. You will want to scrunch the fabric together in the middle so it takes that bow shape. I like to put a little hot glue in the folds to help it hold its shape while you glue the middle on.


You will now want to work on the middle section of the bow, so take the strip that you cut, put hot glue on one side and fold it to it makes the strip even thinner. It should look like this:


Now take your strip and the bow and wrap the strip around the bow (wrap starting from the front of the bow to the back) when your strip reaches the back, get your hair clip and open it. Stick the strip over the inside of the clip so you are still able to clip it to your hair. Glue the bottom side of your clip to the bow.



Now finish wrapping the strip around. Cut off the excess so you can’t see the end of the strip on the front side of the bow. Glue down any remaining ends that may stick out and now you are done!


Here is a comparison of size. The one that I made today is 4.5X9″ and the first one I made the other day is 7X9″




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