DIY: Earring Organization

About six months ago I decided to save room and put all my small stud earrings in this little acrylic container. After that, I noticed that I kept wearing the same pair of earrings simply because of the convenience of grabbing the top pair of earrings even though I have a ton of cute earrings to choose from.


When I got home from work yesterday, I grabbed:

– an empty Birchbox from my past subscription (or any box about 5X7″)

– 5 un-sharpened pencils

– 5 pieces of felt (darker colors help your earrings stand out)

All you have to do is make sure the pencils fit in the box length wise. All I had to do was remove the erasers off my pencils and they fit in the box. Take one pencil and one piece of felt and roll the felt up around the pencil. Repeat this with each pencil and fit them into your box. The fit should be pretty snug to hold your earrings.


The total cost of this DIY was $0! I had all the supplies to make this at home!



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