Guilty pleasure: Reading

When I was younger I used to love to read! I read a lot up until I started college and found I didn’t have time to read pleasure books. After I graduated, I got back into reading. I commute 1.5 hours total daily to work and instead of being on my phone all the time, I decided to exercise my brain a little more and read.

I downloaded an app on my phone called Goodreads to be able to track what books I read. It is fun to be able to look back over a period of time and remember books I liked or didn’t like and even re-discover authors I enjoyed reading.

I received an e-mail from Goodreads about seven months ago that told me about their giveaways page. You enter your name and address into a drawing for a book you are interested in (one entry per book). The book has a closing date and the winners are notified via e-mail the next day. I have been participating in the giveaways for six months now and have won six books! Not bad! I have actually really enjoyed the majority of them! These books are sent to promote a new release of a book and in the hopes that you will review the book as a common courtesy for receiving it for free.

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I used to spend a lot of money on books at the bookstore and never read them. My goal last year was to not spend any money on books and to only obtain them for free. Goodreads has been a great option as well as checking books out at the library, checking in their free section for Kindle downloads, and also reserving ebooks through your local library checkout (overdrive).





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