IMAG0454About 6 months ago I was browsing my Instagram and saw that one of my friends had received an Influenster Voxbox. Since I had been receiving beauty boxes, this sparked my interest. I created an Influenster account and proceeded to start answering surveys and polls as well as providing opinions on various products.

Don’t know what Influenster is? It is a website where people go to show how much of an influence you have in social media and to your peers. That can be via Vine, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, personal blogs, etc. I focused on answering questions in the beauty category, travel, and wedding.

Every few months, Influenster chooses “influential” people in social media to send a FREE Voxbox to filled with products to try and review. I am a little late in providing my review on the box, but here it is!

The theme of this VoxBox was Jolly.


Kleenex Puffs Plus Lotion

I don’t use Kleenex too often so it may be awhile before I try this out. This product will be nice to throw in a bag when traveling or in my purse for day to day use.


Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer

I had heard of these but hadn’t had time to pick one up at the store. The color is opaque and glides on. The smell isn’t too great but once applied to the lips you don’t really notice the smell.


NYC HD Color Eyeshadow

I have heard people talking about these color trio eyeshadows. Lately I haven’t been wearing eyeshadow but I tried it this past weekend and loved the colors! I received a light taupe highlighter with brown shades, which is usually what I wear. The colors applied smooth when applied over primer and I was able to create a great look with the three colors.

IMAG0458 IMAG0459


I love the fun Hawaiian print of the Ducktape. I haven’t used Ducktape for awhile, but I am sure I will find a use for it soon.

IMAG0460 IMAG0461

Skinny Cow Divine filled Chocolates

This was probably my favorite item in the VoxBox. Each pack came with three chocolates. Mine were peanut butter filled. I normally don’t prefer a peanut butter flavor but these were delicious. I also didn’t feel guilty because there are only 130 in each pouch!


Overall, it was a lot of fun to receive a free box filled with samples. I loved everything that was in my box. It was such a wide variety of products so it was fun to try out things I normally wouldn’t and by writing this review, turn someone else to these products when they might not otherwise!

Have you received in Influenster VoxBox? What did you receive in your box?


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