DIY Glitter Clothespins

Its that time of year again! I love the holidays because I love traditions and adding some holiday decorations. This year, we are taking it easy with the gift giving. I think we have ALL the things we need.

In anticipation of all the Christmas cards that should be arriving any day, I decided to find a different way to display the cards than I did last year. Last years display looked something like this:


Christmas cards on our kitchen cabinets. I tied a piece of ribbon over the door and bought oversize paperclips from the dollar store, using the red, green and white ones to hang them.

This year, I decided to decorate some clothespins, add a magnet and hang all  our cards on our garage door (which is in the kitchen).

Here is what you need:


1. On a piece of paper or foil, add a healthy layer of Mod Podge to the top of the clothespins then sprinkle glitter over the top. Put the extra glitter back into the glitter tube for next time.

2. Let the clothespins dry

3. Cut a strip of magnet and firmly apply to the bottom of the clothespin (side with no glitter) Press firmly. If you notice the magnet is rolling back up, place small dots of hot glue underneath to hold

4. Start using! Here are what mine look like!





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