DIY – Glitter Ring

I stumbled across a Pinterest post several weeks ago for something called druzy jewelry. The cheap way to make them involves glitter. The tutorial didn’t really include specifics on what she used to make her ring so I had to improvise and come up with my own along the way. Here is what you need:


This process may take you 2 days so be patient!

1. Start by gluing your jump ring to the face of your ring so that you create an area for the glitter to sit. Use your Aleene’s glass and bead glue. Let dry overnight.

2. Place some Mod Podge on foil and add some glitter (color of your choice) and mix so that it forms a paste.

3. Scoop and fill the area with the glitter/glue mixture. Wipe off the excess from around the face of the jump ring.

4. Sprinkle the same color glitter over the glitter/glue mixture.

5. Let dry and wear!

IMAG0178 IMAG0181 IMAG0182


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