Birchbox for the month of November

Sorry this is a little late

Well guys, I think the time has come…for me to cancel Birchbox. I liked the products but I feel like nothing I got applied to me and that I was given all the leftovers I have seen over the last 8 months on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.  (although, I have 260 points or $20 toward products in the Birchbox store so I might just cancel after December’s box so I can review a few more products and get $30 toward products)

Nevertheless, here is what I received this month.

DDF Amplifying Elixir – Full Size $70.00

Honestly, I don’t have any fine lines to worry about as I am in my mid-20s. I will tell you one thing, my mom is excited to give this a try.


Supergoop! Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream – Full Size $32.00

I think I would like this product, but I was given enough for maybe …half my face?!


AYRES Body Butter in Midnight Tango- Full Size $28.00

I love the little travel sized container, but when I opened it I was not so excited. It smelled like a cleaning product… or had an herbal smell that I am not as fond of. Again, my mom loved the smell and I will be passing this to her.



Colorclub Harlem Lights Collection in Baldwin Blues – Full Size $8.00

I think this is the only product that I liked. I can never have too many nail polishes (well, yes I can, I counted 75+ in my collection and had to swatch and downsize) but still, whats another mini polish right?! This is a great deep blue color. This is the third colorclub that I own!


(with a matte finish)

Chuao Chocolatier Chocolate Bars – Full Size $6.00

Chocolate…ok! This is the first edible item I have received in my Birchbox. When I bit into it, it has a sweet and salty popcorn with chocolate but then there was a popping sensation like you were eating pop rocks. It was very good!



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