Favorite Beauty Blogs!

I have a morning ritual that includes looking at all 45+ blogs that I have bookmarked and keeping updated with the latest beauty, fashion, DIY, food, and home decor. These are some of my favorite posts from my favorite Beauty blogs!


Blushing Basics: http://www.blushingbasics.com/2013/11/the-wonder-pencil.html. I just saw this post this afternoon about the Wonder Pencil. She isn’t joking. This nude colored pencil is amazing! I use it every morning after I fill in my eyebrows to define them and give them a clean, finished look. I love it even more because I got it when Ulta was running their 40% off NYX products..so I got it for even cheaper than $4.50!

Etc LLYMLRS: http://www.etcllymlrs.com/2013/10/topshop-lip-crayon-swatches.html. I just love her blog. Though some items aren’t available to us here in the U.S., I love her style and pictures. I first discovered her when I googled “Growing out eyebrows” I found photos showing her growing out her eyebrows for a year! Very inspiring. I just have a problem with wanting to tame them every week.

Kissable Complexions: http://www.kissablecomplexions.com/. There is nothing more inspiring than a beautiful person who is willing to share her beauty secrets and regimens. I stumbled across her blog when surfing Pinterest and now follow her religiously. It is always fun to stop by her blog and see who she has done makeup for and what products she has used to get that particular look.

Maskcara:http://www.maskcara.com/2013/10/16/my-tips-on-looking-your-thinnest-in-photos/. This has been my favorite post so far about how to pose for pictures. God knows we all weren’t born super models and sometimes feel awkward/uncomfortable in front of the camera. I love the comparisons and look forward to putting them to use in my future photos!

Nouveau Cheap:http://nouveaucheap.blogspot.com/. As they say in the beauty world this would be my “Holy Grail” beauty blog site. It is filled with pictures, reviews, and the best places to hit up weekly drugstore sales. I find myself frequenting the site multiple times a day just so I don’t miss a new product!

Musings of a Muse: http://www.musingsofamuse.com/ If you are looking for reviews and swatches, you have come to the right place. She receives many products from various companies to review as well as purchases some of her own. I love that she posts multiple reviews a day!

The Beauty Department:http://thebeautydepartment.com/2013/10/case-study-the-nude-lip/. I’m sure most of you beauty bloggers have found this website but I LOVE it! They give such great pictures and stay current with various ideas on how to do makeup!

Drugstore Princess:http://drugstoreprincess.com/. When I first discovered her blog 6 months ago, I ended up browsing almost every single page of her blog. She posts beautiful makeup pictures from the Internet as well as gives reviews on drugstore and even some high end products. She gives a lot of makeup dupes for those who don’t want to break the bank. Thanks to her I started using liquid foundation and lining my lower waterline with a white pencil to make my eyes pop!

Makeup Tips: http://makeuptips-blog.com/post/66821999494/powder-pencil-liquid-or-gel-eyeliner. I just discovered this blog and I am loving it! Her pictures and reviews on products are great. I now have a long list of wants.


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