Healthy Banana Ice Cream

I was craving a sweet treat the other night….but didn’t want to get too carried away with all the junk food. I browsed through my Pinterest and came across Banana Ice Cream. It may sound gross to you..but it’s not that overly sweet, artificial banana flavor.. All you need are three ingredients:


For 1 serving:

*1 frozen banana

*2 TBSP of Cookie Butter (lets be honest, it’s way better than peanut butter or almond butter)

*Almond Milk


Combine the Cookie Butter and Banana in a blender and blend. Add a little almond milk at a time, continuing to blend. Stop adding almond milk when it reaches a smooth, ice cream like consistency.

Serve with a bit of cookie butter and enjoy!


The banana flavor wasn’t overwhelming when cut with peanut butter. It also doesn’t melt!




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