REVIEW: Diamond Candles!

A few years I discovered Diamond Candles, although it wasn’t as big of a deal to me then. Flash forward to now…my friend sent me a link to LivingSocial where they were featuring Diamond Candles! 2 for $25 (plus $9 shipping on the Diamond Candle website) I didn’t hesitate to snap them up! There were 3 scents to choose from and I chose Gingerbread Latte. Why not, we are entering into fall!


You may be asking, What’s so great about a Diamond Candle? Well….what ISN’T great?! You get a ring in EVERY candle. The value on the ring ranges from $10-$5000. If you get a ring with a 14k. imprint then all you have to do is take your ring to a jeweler to get it appraised. Another plus, the candles are soy! They also aren’t small candles either. They are probably some of the largest candles I have ever gotten.

It took about a week to get the candles, and during that week, I researched on Pinterest and Instagram all the people who had posted pictures of what rings they had gotten. I was pumped.


The day that I received them, I decided I was going to just burn one at a time and not dig the ring out of the candle.




I started to see the foil wrapping and got excited. It took another 30 minutes until I decided to get tweezers and get it out.


It was still sort of stuck in the candle so I had to wiggle it until it broke loose


Almost there..


Finally got it out…it looks like a piece of butterscotch candy..funny, because that’s what my candle smells like!


The rings are wrapped in a small plastic bag, followed by the foil to keep them wax free


Annndd here is my first ring! I love it!


Close up


And here is the ring from my 2nd candle.

Overall, I see how girls can get addicted to buying them and hoping they get the expensive rings. I will most likely buy them again, just over time. $31 after tax for a candle is pretty expensive to me.


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