DIY felt flower headband

My friend had a baby a few months ago and I noticed that she loves putting her baby in headbands! I had extra materials laying around the house and figured I might as well make her one! Here is what you need:

*Fold over elastic
*Hot Glue Gun


The Process:

1. Start by making the headband portion. (for a newborn-3 months cut about 12 inches, for 3-6 months cut about 14 inches). Hot glue the ends together, overlapping just 1/2 inch.


2. Next, on a piece of paper, create your stencil for the flower. Cut it out and use as a stencil to cut out 4 flowers from the felt.


3. Take your first felt flower and put hot glue in the middle, fold it in half and press in the middle, securing the hot glue. Do this with all four felt flowers.

4. Next, please refer to the picture for how to glue the flower together.


5. Now, hot glue the flower over the area you overlapped your elastic.


6. Cut out a felt circle and glue it to the other side of the elastic and flower to hide the elastic seam.


I LOVE how it turned out. The next one I make will be with some stiff fabric I have!

20130909_173018 20130909_172953


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