Need some nail inspiration?

Well, look no further, you have come to the right place!

I discovered Pinterest awhile ago, but didn’t realize its full potential. I am private in a lot of the things I do, so i used to save links to a Word document for later viewing, that is, until 3 days ago when I joined in the obsession of ‘pinning’. From that day, my life has not been the same!

Here is a snapshot of my ‘Pinspiration’ from my Nail board:


I started getting all these ideas as well as inspiration for nail designs! That did require that I invest in a few tools and extras to spice up my nails. I hopped on Amazon and discovered the items that I needed were only about $1 each. Score!

Here is what I purchased:

Nail Tape: $1.02 + Free Shipping


Dotting Tools: $1.67 + Free Shipping


Nail Rhinestones: $1.28 + Free Shipping


Nail Studs: $2.16 + Free Shipping


The next thing I had to do was wait patiently for all my orders to ship from Hong Kong. Since it’s free shipping, they estimate that it will take about a month to arrive, but from all the reviews from each site, they arrived much quicker (I’m talking about 2 weeks quicker)!

These posts are meant to give you basic color inspiration as well as design inspiration so that your nails can look as amazing as mine have been looking 🙂

#1 Hot Pink Nails with free hand heart

Nail color: Sinful Colors in Fusion Neon Pink and What’s Your Name.20130304_093739

#2 Light Pink Nails

Nail Color: Ulta Babydoll


#3 Textured Nail Polish

Nail Color:  Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Sour Apple


#4 Textured Nail Polish

Nail Color: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Fuzzy Fantasy


#5 Nail Design

Nail Color: Ulta Smoke Screen, Essie Pink Glove Service


#6 Accent Nail

Nail Color: Colorclub London Calling, Revlon Belle


#7 Heart Accent Nail

Nail Color: Naitini Mai Tai, Essie Mesmerize


#8 Rhinestones

Nail Color: Ulta Encore Pink


#9 Rhinestone Nails

Nail Color: Sinful Colors Secret Admirer, Sinful Colors Rise and Shine


#10 Studded Accent Nails

Nail Color: Coral Reef


#11 Heart and Stripe Nail Accents

Essie Pink Glove Service and Ulta Babydoll


#12 Nail Tape Accent


#13. Studs and Plaid


#14. Cross Nails


#15. Glitter Nails



#16. Blue Nails with blue rhinestone accent



#17. Fall transition color




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