Best and worst buys in the dollar store!

I recently have been visiting our local dollar store for certain items to craft with. Of course when I’m in there, I have to look at everything that is in there. Some things are obviously not good buys in the dollar store, but others I wonder “is that too good to be true?” I have created a list based off what I have seen at the dollar store recently so you know what is a good buy…and what you can probably pass up.

Best Buys

1. Q-tips: I recently bought a 500 pack for $1. Can’t be that price. Though you are saving yourself cents rather than dollars, if you are at the dollar store, it’s a great buy. If you have to drive there JUST for Q-Tips, it’s not such a good buy!


2. Glue Sticks: Some people think you can get these cheaper at Wal may be true, but I got a 4 pack for a dollar…which will last me quite a while with the few projects I end up using glue sticks for.


3. Party Supplies: I don’t go to too many parties, but a lot of my friends are having babies and I needed something to wrap the gifts in. I made a trip to the dollar store for this one since all gift bags ranged from $3-$7 ..just for a bag! I ended up finding a ton of options and sizes for gift bags for $1, as well as wrapping paper with different prints and 25 pieces of tissue paper! I also now keep tissue paper when I get it in my Birchbox and from people. The last party supply recommendation is their birthday and holiday cards. $1…enough said!

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4. Fake Flowers: Ya, some people thing they are tacky, but there are those people who decorate outfits for Coachella, or rave parties…this is a perfect place to get flowers for that. Flowers are $1 for a bunch of 5-6 flower heads! They also have seasonal flowers that would look good in some places as decoration, I just wouldn’t recommend filling your home with fake dollar store flowers 🙂


5. Cleaning Supplies: This one is kind of tough to judge where you are getting a good deal or not. There are a lot of cleaning supplies that were brands I recognized and were the same sizes as other stores so those would be good buys. I would steer clear of the cleaning wipes because you get a smaller amount for $1 where you can purchase multi packs with triple the wipes from Costco! Also cleaning gloves are a great buy!

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6. Kitchen Supplies: When I was at the dollar store about a year ago, it wasn’t such a good place to get kitchen supplies, but when I was there a week ago, they had switched brands and the kitchen supplies are now a more durable plastic than before! I would recommend almost anything from their kitchen supplies. They also have great bargains on mason jars. Mason jars are now becoming popular as drinking glasses as well as great deals on wine/margarita/cosmo glasses!

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7. Books: Though the dollar store doesn’t have any type of book you can think of, if you head in just ready to browse their books, you may come out with a jewel. And a brand new book for $1? Can’t beat that!


8. Holiday Décor: I went in around Christmas time for some wreath making supplies and found they had blank wreaths, bows, garland, and all the décor you could think of for $1 each. At the craft store just down the road a blank wreath was more like $8! If you need anything for the holidays, stop at the dollar store first!

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Worst Buys

1. Canned Foods: There doesn’t need to be a lot of explanation for this. Most canned foods are off brand so you don’t know where they came from as well as some foods may be reaching their expiration date.


2. Vitamins/Medicine: Again, $1 does seem sketchy for medicines/vitamins that normally retain ten or more dollars higher. You also do know exactly what is in each vitamin/medicine. You don’t find too many name brand items at the dollar store.

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3. Light Bulbs: You would think these would be a good buy. How can you make a cheaper version of a light bulb? Well, you can. Try and resist buying a light bulb because they don’t usually last as long so over a period of time you will end up spending more on light bulbs than buying one from a different store for a few more dollars.


4. Toys: A lot of these toys are cheaply made and still contain harmful toxins. Especially avoid baby toys since they will head straight into a babies mouth.


5. Small Appliances/Electronics: Again, most of these are cheaply made. Try and resist the urge to spend less money on these and head to a store and spend a few more dollars on something that’s made a little better.


I hope these recommendations help you save some money as well as help you spend your money more wisely! Also, if there is something you think is worth the buy from the dollar store, I would love to know!!!


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