Purple Shampoo!

Recently, when I got my hair done into an ombre, the lady doing my hair told me to be sure to come in to get my hair toned periodically to keep my hair from changing into a nice blond color into a buttery yellow color. I did my research online to see the difference between someone who keeps their blond hair toned vs. someone who didn’t. Let me tell you, I became a believer in toning. What I didn’t believe in was the maintenance. I am the type of person who wants to be as low maintenance as possible (hence, the ombre hair…..I don’t have to worry about touch ups!)

Well, after more research and recommendations from my favorite beauty blogs, I introduce you to……


Purple Shampoo!


I have come across several purple shampoos that all do the same thing. Purple and yellow are on the opposite sides of the color wheel, therefore, they counteract each other. The shampoo is sulfate free and is meant to prevent color from fading. It is meant to be used about once a week to keep the color looking great. If you notice your hair fading to use it a several times a week.


This shows a before and after from two strips of hair. the one on the left had not been treated, whereas the one on the right had several treatments of the purple shampoo. As you can see, it removed all the brassiness from the hair!

Some recommendations would be for purple shampoo are:

  1. Color Save by Schwarzkopf
  2. Blonda by Unite
  3. Color Endure by Joico

The price points vary, but I ended up buying Color Save by Schwarzkopf for about $8.75 on Amazon! This got me excited to invest a little in my hair to keep it looking fresh!



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