Day 5: Leaves


This is the last post of patterns for friendship bracelets, tomorrow will be how to finish them to be able to wear, and even how to turn your bracelet into a fashion piece.

This bracelet is another great and pretty simple style to make is the friendship bracelet that looks like leaves.

If you missed any of the other posts from this week, refer to these links to learn how to make other basic patterns:

For the leaves bracelet, here is what you will need to get started:

The Supplies
*Embroidery Thread. (About 65 cm)
*Measuring Tape

The Process

Set this bracelet up by having your 2 strings of the same color on opposite ends of the bracelet,  you will work on your bracelet like you did the chevron, working inside out.

For this blog, head to this tutorial and follow the pictures. If you need to, there are a lot of great YouTube videos that you can follow as well.


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