Day 4: Jipijapa


This bracelet ended up being one of my favorite patterns. I tried to do the same color scheme as in a picture that I saw, but it ended up being the colors of our MLS soccer team the Seattle Sounders. I am going to wear it to the next game we go to!

Since this is day 4 of the friendship bracelets, and you missed any of my previous posts, refer to these links to learn how to make The Candy Stripe, The Chevron, and the Flip Flop Zig Zag bracelet!

To get going with the Jipijapa bracelet, here is what you will need:
The Supplies
*Embroidery Thread. (About 65 cm)
*Measuring Tape

For this bracelet, I ended up having 8 strings total. 2 blue, 3 white and 3 green. Of course, you can create any sort of pattern with colors as you would like.

Though I hate YouTube, I ended up having to watch a video to figure it out because the picture tutorial wasn’t the best.

Let me know what combinations you come up with!


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