Day 1: The Candy Stripe


You may have been like me when you were younger: trying to keep up with all those trends. I remember jump roping, having the yo-yo man come to school and show us all these amazing tricks, and then there was the Friendship Bracelet. I would literally have my clipboard with me working on a new bracelet all the time. I think I was about 10 at the time and just did it for fun. I don’t think I actually ever wore one.

Well…flash forward to today and I’m making them again. Since I graduated and don’t have thousands of assigned text book readings and homework, I have a lot more me time. As my blog shows, I am re-discovering my creative side from my younger days.

This week, the focus will be learning a new friendship bracelet design each day! Each one will be a little more difficult than the next.

Today I will show you: The Candy Stripe

The best tutorial came from this website: The step by step is pretty helpful and though I really despise YouTube videos…I guess the video was pretty helpful as well.

The Supplies:
*Embroidery Thread. (About 65 cm)
*Measuring Tape

If you plan to make all the bracelets this week, I would recommend purchasing the bulk bag of embroidery thread. I got 50 colors for about $10.

Deciding what colors to use is the most exciting part! With this bracelet you are able to use as few as four strings or as many strings as you would like. It just depends on how thick you would like your bracelet. For my bracelet, I used six strings and paired each color together so I had a consistent pattern.

To tie the strings, I recommend getting about 130 inches and then folding it in half so you are starting with a loop at the top. It makes it much easier to tie the bracelet together when you are finished.

This is the most basic pattern that you will need to learn and the rest of this week’s bracelets will be easier for you to master.

I would love to see what color combinations you came up with!


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