The Beauty Salad

Last week for meal planning was rough…because I didn’t find any recipes that I wanted to make, so I did with what I had in my house. Looking through several blogs gave me some ideas for this week’s meal prep.

Its called: The Beauty Salad and it includes a lot of ingredients that keep your complexion and body looking and feeling great!

I found this salad from one of my favorite blogs:

Some of the benefits you will gain from eating The Beauty Salad are:

Strawberries: Rich in Vitamin C, help give your immune system a boost.
Grapefruit: Increases your bodies metabolic rate, keeping you looking great for those hot summer days!
Honeydew Melon: This fruit provides 34% of a days vitamin C intake all it takes is one cup cubed! Also a good source of iron and potassium.
Walnuts: This nut is a great source of biotin. What does that mean for you? Great looking hair!!
Heirloom Tomatoes: Reduce the risk of cancer with their abundance of Lycopene.
Sugar Snap Peas: A great source of folate to keep your heart strong.
Blueberries Packed with antioxidants!
Goat Cheese Crumbles Offers a high amount of calcium!

The Supplies
For the toppings
*Honeydew Melon
*Heirloom Tomatoes
*Sugar Snap Peas
*Goat Cheese Crumbles

Salad Base
*Brussel Sprouts

The Dressing
*Freshly squeezed oranges
*Apple Cider Vinegar
*Coconut Oil


The Process

*It is just as simple as creating your salad base by shredding your brussel sprouts with the small end of your cheese grater and cubing your avacados, then combining your toppings with your salad base, followed by drizzling some of the dressing on top.

*Since I am meal prepping for 5 days, I then distribute the salad into 5 containers for the week. From experience with avacado, I would recommend not cutting the avacado until the day you plan to eat your salad just to keep the avacado fresh! I would also recommend not adding your dressing until you are ready to eat and storing in to go containers.




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