I guess those mom jeans came in useful after all! DIY High Waisted Shorts

You know those jeans that made your butt look like it was 2 feet long? Ya, those are now my best friend. I have been hunting multiple websites for high waisted shorts…but $40 dollars really?

I went to Value Village and found a pair of high waisted Express jeans for only $7 dollars and (surprisingly) had everything else I needed at home.


I’m heading to Vegas at the end of the month and am preparing for the 100+ degree weather with some high waisted shorts and crop tops.

Well, in about 20 minutes, you can have your own DIY High Waisted Shorts

The Supplies
*Old pair of jeans (the way they fit is up to you)
*Iron hem tape (if you are going to cuff your shorts)
*Iron (if you are cuffing your shorts)

The Process
1. Start by trying them on. While you are wearing them, take a pen and mark off the approximate area you would like to cut. (if you are cuffing your shorts, leave about 2 extra inches to roll up)


2. Then take them off, cut the jeans starting on the inside of the leg going out. Make sure you cut at a slight upward angle, it looks better when you are wearing them.

3. When you have cut the first leg, fold that cut leg over the non-cut leg and use the cut leg as a stencil to cut the other leg


4. Now, you are either finished making your shorts and can slice them up with a cheese grater or box cutter for distressed shorts, or continue on to make your cuff.


5. For cuff shorts, fold your shorts as you want them, take some iron hem tape and place in the inner fold. Follow the directions for the hem tape (hold your iron on the area for about 5 seconds on the no steam setting of your iron). Place hem tape all around the inside of the cuff to make sure they stay in place.


I think the next pair that I buy will be a little looser than the ones that I bought…and maybe I will try making a distressed pair!



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