At Home Iced Coffee


You know I love a good espresso stand iced coffee, but I can’t afford to spend $3.50-4.25/day. Not only does my office have black coffee they make daily, but I have a Keurig machine at home. When I used to make iced coffee, I would throw in some ice cubes. Makes sense right? Well, I would pretty much have to drink it right then, or by the time the ice melted all I would be left with was coffee flavored water.

Well here is an easy way to make iced coffee at home.

1. Brew up a batch of coffee and pour into ice trays.


2. Freeze

3. When you are ready for a coffee, make your coffee as you normally would (adding flavors and creamers)

4. Add your coffee ice cubes

5. Stir

A few flavor ideas:
*A tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk plus a splash of either milk or half and half and stir. The flavor is rich and creamy!

*A bit of sugar and a splash of milk for a healthier option. There isn’t much flavor to this one so this would be good for people who like to drink coffee black.

*Using flavored creamer

What are some of your favorite combinations?



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