DIY Nail Stickers! Genius!

I think I am the only person who hasn’t invested in nail polish pens…and I wonder why my nails never turn out as perfect as all the nail pictures I see. Well, yesterday, I came across a post to make your own nail stickers.

How genius! I wish I would have thought of that!

I have had some nail designs saved on my computer from hours of being on Pinterest and decided to try re-creating this design using nail stickers:


*nail polish (I used gray, white, pink and a clear coat)

1. First start by painting a block of color onto the tape so the polish can dry while you paint your nails.

2. Next paint your nails whatever color you want them to be. I painted all my fingers but my pointer, gray and my pointer finger pink.

3. I would suggest waiting for your nails to dry before you work with the tape, otherwise you will have nice gouges in your freshly painted nails!

4. When your nails are dry, cut your tape into whatever shapes you would like on your nails.

5. After you place them on your nails finish by painting a clear coat over all your nails.

Thats it!


For my first time, I think they turned out pretty good!


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