Spray Paint is fun!

You know those white plastic lawn chairs that everyone has at least ONE of?! The ones where the second you put them outside they get stained and dirty?! I’m sure you know what I’m talking about… Anyway, I have three of them….


Soooooo I came across someone who suggested spray paint. I hit the store and came across plastic specific spray paint! They didn’t have the exact colors I wanted but I settled on a pretty blue and green.


All you need to do to prep the chairs is wash them off with a hose and a little dish soap. Make sure they are dry so the paint will stick.

Now, get to spraying! Make sure you shake the can 1-2 minutes as suggested on the bottle. I used almost a full can per chair and will use the rest for touch ups once the chairs are fully dry.


The bright colors of the chairs make me want to be outside more!



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